10 years passed since God made His initial covenant and promise, yet nothing happened still… no son! But …

God had been doing wonderful things to develop Abram, his friend, so that He could entrust him with the special son of promise. Loyalty and character take time to develop and establish. While God worked in Abram, people around him grew impatient without the same experience with God.

They will:
1/ interpret the ways of God
2/ make suggestions on how to help God out

Doing things in your way, or somebody else’s way, instead of God’s way. The bent of lawlessness, disobedience instead of obedience to God.

A person with a heart driven by self-will, practicing lawlessness, has iniquity in his heart is trapped by false freedom. To substitute our ways of “helping God’ for His ways of achieving His purpose is SIN!

Sarai “helped God” by following an accepted custom of their laws and culture. Abram heeded (followed) the voice of Sarai instead of God’s promise. Abram agreed but God did not intervene and stop them and instead they experienced severe consequences. Sarai’s loving, sincere, and reasonable good idea was wrong!!!!


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